About us

Clouts is a clothing and accessories brand inspired by a beach and nature vibe designed for everyone. 

Our goals and values

I believe that every customer should feel part of this big family. I hope that each of you feel confident, comfortable and stylish, while wearing our clothing and accessories. Clouts is aiming to gradually incorporate more eco-friendly services. 

Who is the owner? 

 My name is Valérie Cloutier. I was 18 years old when I started this company. I am the soul creator and designer of Clouts. I am currently studying at the University of Montréal. I embrace life to the fullest, capture every little moment and love to travel.



How it all started

Making friendship bracelets always got me in a relax state of mind. During summer, I used to make a bucket full of bracelets that my close friends loved to choose from. On June 24th 2018, one of my best friends told me I should try to sell them. That same night, I made an Instagram account announcing I was selling my bracelets. Also, I have always been interested in fashion clothing design and saw with my implanted bracelet plateforme the opportunity to expand to a clothing and accessories brand.